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Weatherization Members Only ~ Program Notices

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PN22-01 (dated 04-01-2022)
DOE PY22 Contracts, training requirements for field staff, and maximum cost limits per House and for Health & Safety

PN22-02 (dated 06-16-2022)
Weatherization Readiness Funds, WRF application form, and WRF Processes email
WRF Application Form (dated 12/2021)

PN22-03 (dated 05-24-2022)
Effective 07/01/2022, the amount of support for deferrals increases to $50

PN21-01 (dated 06-10-2021)
Emergency Health Preparedness Policy updates (pre-audit and job site protocols, PPE expenses)

PN21-02 (dated 09-07-2021)
Revisions to Iowa Weatherization Work Standards and Field Guide, and WAMS reporting of two-part foam and window/door replacements/repairs

PN21-03 (dated 12-10-2021)
Revisions to Reported Expenses  (two-part foam)

PN21-04 (dated 01-03-2022)
Knob & Tube Special Project beginning 01-01-2022 (optional)

PN21-05 (dated 01-25-2022)
Emergency Health Preparedness Policy updates (pre-audit and job-site protocols)

PN 20-01 (added to website 06/25/20)
Response to Covid-19 Virus

PN 20-02 (added to website 06/25/20)
WAP Administrative Funds

PN 20-03 (added to website 06/25/20)
WAP Funding

PN 20-04 (added to website 06/25/20)
Re-Opening of the Weatherization Program

PN 20-05 (added to website 06/25/20)
Reporting Expense

PN 16-01 (added to website 01-12-17)
Program Change - LEDs approved for use in Iowa Weatherization Program

PN 15-02 (added to website 07-06-15)
Program Changes (freezers, fuel switching, electricans and lead renovator)

PN 15-01 - REVISED (added to website 04-10-15) 
Final implementation of 2014 Iowa Weatherization Work Standard

PN 14-04 (added to website 10-28-14)
Policies & Procedures Manual (PPM) and Weatherization General Appendix revised - Program Notice outlines major changes in the PPM

PN 14-03 (added to website 09-25-14)
Emergency Weatherization

PN 14-02 (added to website 09-25-14)
OSHA Training Requirements

PN 14-01 (added to website 06-30-14)
Work Standards Changes

PN 13-03 (added to website 08-13-13)
Lead Paint Protocol Changes
Iowa Weatherization Lead-Safe Report PDF Document

PN 13-02 (added to website 05-07-13)
New Appendix Sections

PN 13-01 (added to website 03-29-13)
Program Changes

PN 12-04 - REVISED (revised 01-09-13)
Program Changes

PN 12-03 (added to website 11-27-12)
Changes in Policies and Procedures

PN 12-02 (added to website 10-08-12)
Program Year 2012 Changes

PN 12-01 (added to website 10-08-12)
DOE changes in costs and allowability

PN 11-02 (added to website 12-08-11)
Iowa Weatherization Policy and Procedures Manual - Revised

PN 11-01 (added to website 06-01-11)
Furnace/Water Heater Replacement for Efficiency Reasons

PN 10-05 (added to website 10-26-10)
Changes in the Work Standards

Policy Clarifications (added to website 10-26-10)

PN 10-04 (added to website 07-16-10)
Procurement for Furnace Work

PN 10-03 (added to website 06-10-10)
SHPO Compliance

PN 10-02 (added to website 06-16-10)
Multi-Unit Dwellings

PN 10-01 (added to website 06-01-10)
Program Year 2010 Changes

PN 09-04 (added to website 10-28-09)
Vermiculite and Exhaust Fans

PN 09-03 (added to website 10-28-09)
Changes in Policies and Requirements

PN 09-02b (added to website 06-14-10)
Training & Technical Assistance (T&TA) Funds – Revised

PN 09-02a (added to website 06-04-09)
Training & Technical Assistance (T&TA) Funds – Revised

PN 09-02 (added to website 05-11-09)
Training & Technical Assistance (T&TA) Funds

PN 09-01 (added to website 04-23-09)
Program Year 2009 Changes

PN 08-01
Program Year 2007 & 2008 Changes

PN 07-05
Refrigeration Appliances in Extreme Temperatures

PN 07-04
Revised Standards for Water Heaters

PN 07-03
Vermiculite Standards Changes

PN 07-02
Vermiculite Testing Procedures

PN 07-01
Equipment Carryover Funds