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This final guidance supersedes and streamlines requirements from OMB Circulars A-21, A-87, A-110, and A-122 (which have been placed in OMB guidances); Circulars A-89, A-102, and A-133; and the guidance in Circular A-50 on Single Audit Act follow-up. 

An overview of the new Uniform Guidance 2 CFR Part 200, which went into effect for the Weatherization Program April 1, 2016, was presented by Mike Adams (State Fiscal Monitor) during the 2015 IWAC Training & Retreat in Dubuque, Iowa.

Uniform Guidance PowerPoint Presentation

2 CFR Part 200 - Document
2 CFR Part 200 - FAQs

2017 Department of Energy Weatherization Assistance Program - Sub-Grantee Satisfaction with the States Survey Overview

ACSI Sub-Grantee Survey Results - Iowa

The estimated post-wx blower door chart below can also be found in the NEAT/MHEA Audit section of the Weatherization General Appendix.

Estimated Post-Wx Blower Door Chart

The budget worksheet below was presented at the September 2011 Iowa Weatherization Conference.

Budget Worksheet

If you have questions regarding how to properly depreciate property, view the IRS Publication 946 below, pages 31-32 and pages 100-109. Mike Adams (State Fiscal Monitor) briefly discussed this topic during the 2015 IWAC Training & Retreat, which was held in Dubuque, Iowa.

How to Depreciate Property

Consequences of Weatherization PowerPoint Presentation (Dan Payne)

Testing Protocols PowerPoint Presentation (Dan Payne)

A full Manual J calculation must be run for every heating system replacement. Only the approved software listed in the link below may be used. 

ACCA Approved Manual J Software

Below is an Energy Consumption Chart that can also be found in the Refrigeration Protocol section of the Weatherization General Appendix.

Refrigeration Energy Consumption Chart

To search for refrigerator and freezer consumption information, visit the Midwest Energy Performance Analytics, Inc.

Each year, the State Weatherization office must submit a State Plan to DOE. DOE does not release program funds until the State Plan has been approved. 

2016 State Plan - FINAL (effective through March 31, 2017)

2017 Iowa Weatherization State Plan - DRAFT - DRAFT 
Health & Safety Plan - DRAFT - DRAFT

Below are cheat sheets for identifying the cost category in which weatherization measures belong. 

Cost Categories Cheat Sheet - PDF Version (current cheat sheet date 12-2-16)
Page 1 - Health & Safety Measures
Page 2 - Incidental Repairs
Page 3 - Infiltration Measures
Page 4 & 5 - Insulation Measures 

Cost Categories - Excel Version (current cheat sheet date 12-2-16)
Sheet 1 - Health & Safety Measures
Sheet 2 - Incidental Repairs
Sheet 3 - Infiltration Measures
Sheet 4 - Insulation Measures

Below is a website on which you can search for water heaters, energy factors and recovery efficiency.

AHRI (Air Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Institute)

Below is a chart that shows basic Weatherization measure expenditure limits. 

Weatherization Measures Expenditure Limits (PDF version - current chart date 07-05-22)
Weatherization Measures Expenditure Limits (Excel version - current chart date 07-05-22)

WAP - National Association for State Community Service Programs (NASCSP's repository of all things related to Weatherization)
EERE - Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (DOE's official repository of all things related to Weatherization)

From the Building Analyst Tier 1 Training provided by Everblue, spring of 2016.

Zonal Pressure Diagnostics Charts and Worksheets