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The Iowa Commission on the Status of African-Americans (ICSAA) is a state agency that exists to address the needs and concerns of Iowa's African-American citizens. Since it was established by the Iowa Legislature in 1989, the ICSAA has been a division of the Department of Human Rights and serves as an advocate for African-Americans in Iowa.


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The ICSAA is composed of seven citizens representing different regions of the state. Each is appointed by the Governor and confirmed by the Iowa Senate. The office is administered by the executive officer. The Director of the Department of Human Rights serves ex officio.


The Iowa Commission on the Status of African-Americans pursuant to Chapter 216A.142 of the Iowa Code is legislatively mandated to report on the status of Iowans of African-American descent. The Commission, with the support of staff, community leaders, public and private agencies and organizations, will consider, review, and recommend programs, services, policies, legislation and administrative rules that will improve the quality of life for Iowa's African-American population.


The Iowa Commission on the Status of African-Americans exists to promote the interests of African-Americans in the State of Iowa and in doing so, fosters the well being of the State's entire citizenry.

In the spirit of equity, inclusion and responsiveness this Commission, in partnership with the broader African-American community shall:

Educate itself and others regarding the needs of the state's African-American citizenry and regarding the issues that significantly impact them.

Inform the broader African-American community, legislative branches of government and the general public of those needs and issues.

Advocate for positive changes in policy, practices and programs that potentially or actually negatively affect African-American Iowans.

Network with organizations and individuals on behalf of the state's African-American population.

Powers and duties Iowa Code 216a.143

Administrative Rule - Status of African-Americans (434)

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