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The Iowa Commission on the Status of African-Americans is legislatively mandated per Iowa Code Chapter 216A.142 to study the changing needs and problems affecting African-Americans in the state and develop and recommend programs and constructive actions(s) to the Governor and the General Assembly.  The Commission was made a statutory agency effective May 10, 1988, by the General Assembly of the State of Iowa.


The Commission shall study the changing needs and problems of African-Americans in the State of Iowa, and recommend new programs, policies, and constructive action to the Governor and the General Assembly, including, but not limited to the following area:

  • Public and private employment policies and practices;
  • Iowa labor laws;
  • Legal treatment related to political and civil rights;
  • African-American children, youth, and families;
  • Expanded programs to assist African-Americans as consumers;
  • The employment of African-Americans and the initiation and sustaining of African-American businesses and African-American entrepreneurship;
  • African-Americans as members of private and public boards, committees, and organizations;
  • Education, health, housing, social welfare, human rights and recreation;
  • The legal system, including law enforcement, both criminal and civil;
  • Social service programs

Powers and duties Iowa Code 142a.143

Iowa Administrative Rule Code 434


All seats on this Commission are appointed by the Office of the Governor, upon confirmation by the Senate.

Current board members

Public Participation In Commission Meetings
Anyone may address any item on the agenda. Public comment on any other items on the agenda shall be at the discretion of the Chair. To ensure equal opportunity for the public to comment, the Chair may impose a time limit on each speaker. Questions must be directed to the Chair. Under Public Comments, five minutes will be allotted to each speaker; a total of twenty minutes for each subject under discussion. Speakers who are recognized by the Chair cannot relinquish his or her time to another speaker. Under no circumstances shall any person be allowed to speak in a slanderous, libelous, or disorderly manner, or otherwise malign any individual. Any person who fails to comply with the Commission's rules governing public participation in Commission meetings shall be subject to forfeiture of his or her opportunity to speak to the Commission. Sign in Sheet - Persons will speak in order of signing in.

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