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Kelly Montijo Fink

Kelly Montijo Fink
Montijo Fink

Kelly Montijo Fink (Apache / Mexican / Spanish), M.A., is a bilingual educator, international speaker & award winning singer / songwriter & recording artist. Kelly has a Masters of Arts in Spanish Linguistics from the University of Iowa and received a B.A. from Cornell College, double majoring in Anthropology & Spanish. She received a certificate with honors for completing a year-long study of “Language, Latin American, & European Studies” from the Fundación Ortega y Gasset in Toledo, Spain. Kelly has worked as a language professor for nearly 20 years and has served as a freelance translator and interpreter in various arenas. Since 2012 she has served on the Iowa Commission on the Status of Native American Affairs and she aligns herself with community improvement initiatives. Kelly is adept at taking complicated concepts and presenting them as concise thoughts. She is a creative visionary and idea generator with the ability to analyze strategies from various viewpoints. She uses her music and her public platform to empower those who hear to be resilient and courageous. Kelly and her husband Brian, a police officer, and their two children live in Hiawatha, Iowa.

Term begins on March 1st 2013

Term ends on April 30th, 2015

Hiawatha, IA
United States