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Justice Advisory Board


The Justice Advisory Board was established by HF634, signed by Governor Reynolds on May 17, 2019, and was effective July 1, 2019.  (Please reference Iowa Code section 216A.132.)  The legislation established the 28-member Justice Advisory Board and eliminated the Criminal & Juvenile Justice Planning Advisory Council, the Public Safety Advisory Board, and the Sex Offender Research Council.

Board Members

Agency/Member RepresentationName

Attorney General

Sherri Soich

Board of Parole

Andrea Muelhaupt

Department of Corrections

Sarah Fineran

Department of Correctional Services

Bruce Vander Sanden

Department of Human Rights,
Office on the Status of African Americans

Kim Cheeks

Department of Human Services


Department of Public Safety

Sarah Jennings

Department of Public Health

Sarah Reisetter

Gov. Office of Drug Control Policy

Dale Woolery

State Public Defender

Kurt Swaim

ACLU of Iowa

Pete McRoberts


Beth Barnhill

Governor Appointment-Mayor

John Haila, Ames

Governor Appointment-County Sheriff

Sheriff Tim Lane, Scott County

Governor Appointment-County Supervisor


Governor Appointment-General Public
(not employed in any law enforcement, judicial, or corrections capacity)


Governor Appointment-General Public
(crime victim or represent a crime victim organization)

Eileen Meier

Governor Appointment-Juv Justice Expert

Cody Samec

Governor Appointment-Juv Justice Expert

Ardyth Slight, Muscatine County

Governor Appointment-Civil rights organization minority advocate


Governor Appointment-former juvenile delinquent, correctional supervision, or advocate for either


Iowa County Attorney's Assn. Designee

Tina Meth Farrington

+Supreme Court Chief Justice Designee-District Judge

Hon. Jeffrey Neary

+Supreme Court Chief Justice Designee-District Associate Judge or Associate Juvenile Judge

Hon. Romonda Belcher

+Senate - Judiciary Committee - (1/11/2021 - 1/8/2023) - Chair

Senator Brad Zaun

+Senate - Judiciary Committee - (1/11/2021 - 1/8/2023) - Ranking Member

Senator Kevin Kinney
**House - Judiciary Committee (1/11/2021 - 1/8/2023) - ChairRepresentative Steven Holt

**House - Judiciary Committee (1/11/2021 - 1/8/2023) - Ranking Member

Representative Mary Lynn Wolfe

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