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Women's History

Too often, women's contributions have been overlooked in standard history textbooks, classrooms, and research. History, as it has been traditionally taught, has focused on political, military, and economic leaders and events. This approach has virtually excluded women. By expanding the focus of history to include the stories of women's lives, whether they reflect everyday life experiences or the roles women have played in major events of our nation's past, we can gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of American history.

Women's History Month is an excellent opportunity to highlight the contributions, concerns, and importance of women in our society. In order to bring the accomplishments of women to the forefront, the Iowa Commission on the Status of Women, the Iowa Department of Education, and the State Historical Society cosponsor an essay contest, Write Women Back Into History Essay Contest.

Each year the month of March is observed as Women's History Month. It is a celebration that is affirmed and supported by Governor Culver and by a concurrent resolution of the Iowa Senate and House of Representatives. It is a time to celebrate the achievements of women in the nation and Iowa.