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Strategic Goals and Policy Priorities

ICSW 2016-2019 Strategic Goals and Policy Priorities

  1. Enhance the statewide coordinated effort to advocate for the needs of women and girls
  2. Support and challenge women to reach their full potential and enhance Iowa’s future
    1. Ensure that women have greater opportunity for economic stability and career growth
      1. Increase childcare and family support at home and in the workplace
      2. Increase STEM opportunities for women
      3. Ensure pay equity/comparable worth
      4. Increase the number of women owned businesses
    2. Ensure that women experience increased safety and well-being
      1. Provide protective services for victims of assault and abuse
      2. Improve mental health care and make it accessible
      3. Improve access to health care and wellness care
  3. Ensure that staff and commissioners have access to adequate resources to meet goals

ICSW Strategic Goals and Policy Priorities

2019 ICSW Policy Recommendations