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"Iowa Women at Work" Project


The goal of the “Iowa Women at Work” Project is to encourage those who identify as women to share the stories of their experience in the workforce throughout Iowa. We want women to use this space to share the good stories as well as the not so good stories of their experiences in the workforce. Stories from women in both the paid and unpaid workforce are welcome.

Would you like to share your story?

  • Do you have a workforce story to share and want your voice to be heard?
  • If you are a mother, what have been your experiences while pregnant, breastfeeding, and/or adopting a child?
  • Did you/do you have a story to share about caregiving and/or family leave?
  • Did you/do you have a story to share about harassment in the workplace?
  • Did you/do you have an employer you believe is supportive of women?

With your help, we can tell the stories of Iowa’s women in the workforce. Let your story be heard – share it with us.

How do I share my story?

Click here to share your story or click on the "click here" button below. All stories will be submitted and collected electronically. Each person can submit more than one story/in multiple topic areas.

Click here to share your story

Story topics will be divided up into the following categories for story collection purposes.  When submitting, please choose the topic closest to your story. We realize that many of these topics may overlap:

  • Topic area 1: Pregnancy, Maternity/Adoption leave and/or Breastfeeding
  • Topic area 2: Family/Caregiving Leave
  • Topic area 3: Childcare
  • Topic area 4: Workplace flexibility
  • Topic area 5: Path to leadership
  • Topic area 6: Harassment/discrimination in the workplace
  • Topic area 7: Other

What will happen with the collected stories?

Staff will review the stories and remove information such as full names and names of employers. Stories may also be edited for clarity, however, submissions will be returned to the author for approval following any editing.

A finalized document containing the collected stories of Iowa’s women will be released to the public, and may be periodically released in electronic format until then. 

The Iowa Department of Human Rights has sole discretion in determining which stories will be posted in final form. Personal and other information you provide may be subject to public disclosure under state and federal open records laws.

Where do I go with questions?

If you have questions about submitting a story, please contact the Office on the Status of Women at