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DHR Board

The Department of Human Rights Board

The Department of Human Rights Board guides the work of the department with broad policies and objectives.  The Board is made up of public members, legislators, and representatives from each of the DHR commissions.  The DHR Board's responsibilities include developing and monitoring a strategic plan, approving the budget recommended by the director, adopting administrative rules, and approving an Annual Report to the governor and general assembly.  The DHR Board’s strategic goals and action plan provide more insight into the work of the Board.  See also Iowa Code Section 216A.3.  

Board Meetings

DHR Board Members

  • DHR Board Chair Judge Jeff Neary (Merrill, IA), Justice Advisory Board
  • Dr. Ahmadu Baba-Singhri (Des Moines, IA), Commission on the Status of African Americans
  • Anna Brown (DeWitt, IA), Commission on Community Action Agencies
  • Beth Coonan (Des Moines, IA), Commission on the Status of Women
  • Ben Jung (Des Moines, IA), Commission of Asian and Pacific Islander Affairs
  • Timothy Perkins (Johnston, IA), Commission of Native American Affairs
  • Telina McKenna-Quintana (Waterloo, IA), Commission of Deaf Services
  • Rachelle Hunt Russian (Des Moines, IA), Public Member
  • Dr. Dalila Sajadian, Commission of Latino Affairs
  • Mike Sullivan (Ames, IA), Public Member
  • Beth Wilde (Mitchelleville, IA), Commission of Persons with Disabilities
  • San Wong, DHR Director, Ex officio
  • Representative Amy Nielsen (District 77), Ex officio
  • Representative Carter Nordman (District 19) Ex officio
  • Senator Dennis Guth (District 4), Ex officio
  • Senator Sarah Trone Garriot (District 22), Ex officio

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