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Central Administration

Ms. San Wong

Director 515-242-5640
Sonya Baccam Streit Director's Assistant
Legislative Liaison
Public Information Officer
Open Records Requests 515-242-5640
Jim Mezera Fiscal Officer/
Accountant 3 Supervisor 515-281-8537
Lexi Christensen Accountant 515-281-0898 
Jian Huang Accountant 515-242-6312

Community Action Agencies

Bill Brand Division Administrator 515-281-3268
Melanie Ruffalo Secretary 515-281-3861
Joanne Sackett Budget Analyst 515-242-6313
Lorie Easter Community Services Block Grant 515-281-3791
Page Humphrey Family Development and Self Sufficiency 515-281-5938
Elizabeth Patten Family Development and Self Sufficiency 515-782-7767
Christine Taylor Weatherization 515-281-4565
Bill Marquess Low Income Home Energy Assistance  515-281-4893
Asgdish Fellake Low Income Home Energy Assistance  515-281-3988
Ben Banowetz Weatherization 515-242-6377
Bob Freese Weatherization NONE
Chris Bracy Weatherization 515-281-4586

Community Advocacy and Services

Monica Stone Deputy Director and
Division Administrator 515-725-2816
Maria Guevara Administrative Assistant 515-725-0428
Kimberly Baxter Chief Advocate  515-725-2837
Lisa Schneider Client Assistance Program 515-281-8088
  Office for Persons with Disabilities   515-242-6334
Tina Shaw Data and Government Access 515-281-3164
  Office of Deaf Services   515-598-7326
Sonia Reyes Office of Latino Affairs 515-281-4080
  Office of Native American Affairs   515-242-6334
Kim Cheeks Office on the Status of African Americans 515-281-3274
Kim Cheeks Office on the Status of Women 800-558-4427
Trevalova Augustin Office of Asian and Pacific Islander Affairs
Communications 515-281-4219
Karen Ruiz Arias Office of Latino Affairs' Latinos Can Coalition 515-725-1140

Criminal and Juvenile Justice Planning

Steve Michael Division Administrator 515-242-6122
  Administrative Secretary    


Budget Analyst    
Tammi Blackstone Criminal Justice Information System 515-725-2264
Dave Schmitz Criminal Justice Information System 515-242-6121
Laura Roeder-Grubb Justice Data 515-242-5042
Mindi TenNapel Justice Research 515-725-2884
Ilma Jahic Justice Research  515-725-2487
Heather Caspers Justice Research 515-281-7960
Cheryl Yates Justice Research 515-281-6929
Jill Padgett Juvenile Justice 515-281-8078
Kathy Nesteby Juvenile Justice 515-281-6915
Scott Musel Juvenile Justice 515-281-6503
Arena Horn Juvenile Reentry Navigator 515-229-6237
Alison Roe Juvenile Reentry Navigator 515-229-7958
Deidre Darold-Wilson Juvenile Reentry Navigator 515-229-8750
Don Varner Juvenile Reentry Navigator 515-782-7738
Kayla Powell National Youth in Transition Database (NYTD)
Youth Development Coordinator 515-725-4050
Joseph Kim Temporary--Research & Evaluation 515-242-5823
Alaina Gerdes Intern  
Cheyenne Voshell Intern  
Davianna Hearring Iowa Youth Congress/AmeriCorps 515-242-5816
Endi Montalvo-Martinez  
Lyric Sellers