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Administrative Rules

Executive Order 10

Pursuant to Executive Order 10 dated January 10, 2023, the Iowa Department of Human Rights will be reviewing its administrative rules [421] by December 31, 2026.  More information about Executive Order 10 is available on the Iowa Department of Management's website.  

Iowa Code

The authority, power, and duties of the Iowa Department of Human Rights (DHR) are set forth in Iowa Code Chapter 216A. The Iowa Department of Human Rights promulgates administrative rules to implement statutory provisions of Iowa Code Chapter 216A and applicable federal statutes.

Administrative Rules 

The Iowa Administrative Procedure Act, Iowa Code Chapter 17A, requires each state agency to promulgate rules for its operation and programs. The rulemaking process increases agency accountability to the public, allows public participation in the formulation of rules, and provides legislative oversight for program operations.

Prior to the adoption, amendment or repeal of any rule, an agency must publish a “Notice of Intended Action,” which is published online and in the Iowa Administrative Bulletin. Each Notice of Intended Action includes a brief explanation of the principle reasons for the rule making, as well as the text of the proposed rule. Interested persons may submit comments regarding the proposed rules in the manner and time frame set forth in the Notice of Intended Action. Comment periods and public hearings provide opportunities for comments. To be most effective, comments should contain information that supports your position, illustrate examples of your concerns, and offer specific alternatives. The public hearing is a time for DHR to listen to and consider the comments. 

State of Iowa Administrative Rules Website 
Iowa Administrative Bulletin
Administrative Rules for DHR and all state agencies

DHR Rulemaking Docket

Executive Order Number Nine requires each agency to maintain a rulemaking docket and to publish the docket on the agency's website for public review. The link below tracks the rulemaking process for the Iowa Department of Human Rights, from Notice of Intended Action to adoption. It includes public comment deadlines, public hearing dates, Administrative Rules Review Committee meeting dates and actions taken, published rulemaking documents, and effective dates.

Administrative Rules Tracker and Rulemaking Docket(select Human Rights)

DHR Anticipated Rulemaking FY2022


The Iowa Department of Human Rights recommends that the public subscribe to receive email notification of the Department's rulemaking activity on the Iowa General Assembly’s website. This site will provide updates to subscribers each time a change to an administrative rule is proposed or adopted by the Department of Human Rights. Select "Human Rights Department", enter your email address, and select “subscribe”.

Administrative Rule Changes

DHR Regulatory Plan

Each agency is required by Executive Order Number Nine to submit an annual Regulatory Plan detailing rulemaking initiatives anticipated during the upcoming fiscal year.

DHR Regulatory Plan FY23

Additional Information

Iowa Administrative Rules Overview
Learn How Rules Work


If you have questions or comments about the Department of Human Rights’ administrative rules, please contact the Agency Rules Administrator:

Sonya Streit
Iowa Department of Human Rights
321 E. 12th St.
Des Moines, IA 50319
(515) 242-5640 phone
(515) 242-6119 fax