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FAQs - 12.00 Vendors

Section 12.00 Vendors

The questions below apply to the Vendors section of the LIHEAP Policy and Procedures Manual. 

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The funds must be returned to avoid having excess cash on-hand.

Unfortunately, yes. Propane vendors are not regulated utilities and can require deposits if they so choose. 

More than likely, the reason the client wouldn't receive the discount is because the vendor locked-in a price with the agency and that is the final price. Typically, a locked-in price is lower than the market price at time of delivery. If the vendor did not enter an agreement with a locked-in price (went with market price instead), the vendor may not give the discount simply because of the agreed-to market price without discounts. 

Because Amerigas and Ferrellgas are always much higher than the statewide average, they are not included in the survey done by the Dept. of Agriculture each week during the heating season, and monthly during the rest of the year. All you can do is attempt to obtain a better price, quoting the statewide average. 

Yes, per the IUB (Iowa Utilities Board).

If the vendor has signed an agreement with the agency, then they must deliver to the customer. 

When a customer rents a tank, the vendor they rent from is the only one who will service that tank. It would be really rare for another vendor to come in and say, yeah, I fill someone else's tank. However, when a customer owns the tank, they can get anyone they want (and whoever is willing) to fill it, which can be a great thing for them, especially if they've burnt some bridges.

If the vendor of the customer's choosing has an agreement with the agency, then payment goes to the vendor. If the vendor doesn't have an agreement with the agency, call the vendor and try to enter an agreement. They would only need to complete the General Agreement because the Addendums are for pre-paid vendors. If the vendor refuses to enter into an agreement, ask the customer if they would be willing to go with a vendor who has an agreement with the agency. If they don't want to, then a direct pay to the client is in order (no state approval required). 

Yes. Ensure detailed notes are maintained.