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Iowa Department of Human Rights



  • Assists primary customers, professional, and businesses with ADA compliance issues and policy development
  • Develops ways for primary customers to access information in ASL within the community and society.
  • Maintains resources and information to meet the accessibility needs of Deaf and Hard of Hearing consumers.
  • Provides training and workshops on a wide variety of topics including interpreting, policy development, ADA compliance, senior citizens' issues, and issues facing families with Deaf and Hard of Hearing family members.

Community Development

  • Develops partnerships with local agencies and businesses to better serve the Deaf and Hard of Hearing.
  • Facilitates advisory groups to direct DSCI on how to better meet the needs of the community.
  • Works with agencies and individuals to make their programs and businesses accessible to Deaf and Hard of Hearing clients.

Information & Referral

  • Serves as an information clearinghouse a central resource for information.
  • Referrals that includes local, state and national deaf and hard of hearing organizations, legal rights information, access to government agencies, and much more.