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Dr. Mildred Hope Fisher Wood

2011 Iowa Women's Hall of Fame Honoree:  Dr. Mildred Hope Fisher Wood (1920-2014)

“Mildred Wood has touched many lives, professionally and personally. Her lasting gift to me is the following advice, never stated explicitly but clear from her behavior: Never stop learning. Never stop creating. Never stop sharing.”
-Professor Janet Rives of UNI 

Dr Mildred Hope Fisher Wood

Dr. Mildred Hope Fisher Wood is a pioneer who brought special education for learning disabilities to the forefront in Iowa, empowering thousands of students each year to lead productive, respected lives.  Born in Alta in 1920, Wood earned four degrees from the University of Northern Iowa, did postgraduate work at Syracuse University and the University of Oregon, and earned a doctorate at Indiana University – all to study learning disabilities in children and to develop practices to transform them into learners.  She created and taught the first courses on learning disabilities to future teachers at the University of Northern Iowa and conducted hundreds of workshops for teachers, principals, parents, psychologists, and juvenile court officers. Not only is she an advocate for children, she is a mentor for parents and has bettered the lives of innumerable families – often through volunteer work in communities, the church, and throughout the state. Wood is a recognized leader and is a charter member of the National Association for Children with Learning Disabilities and the Iowa Association.  She has also been the president of the Iowa Learning Disabilities Association.  Wood is a published author, a co-author of a diagnostic test for pre-school children, and the recipient of many awards.