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Dr. Judith Conlin

2012 Iowa Women's Hall of Fame Honoree:  Dr. Judith Conlin

“Never one to accept the status quo, she has dedicated herself to working in a variety of fields—all with a shared goal of improving lives.”
-Jan Kaiser, 2012

Dr Judith Conlin

Judith Conlin has positively impacted the lives of women and girls throughout the state of Iowa. An Iowa native, her efforts have helped young women, immigrant women, aging women, battered women, displaced women, disabled women and addicted women. Born in Fort Dodge, Conlin studied at the University of Iowa and the University of Edinburgh and ultimately earned her Doctorate of Arts in 1978 from Drake University. She embodies the goals of the women's movement for equality and upward mobility, especially for the disenfranchised. While teaching at Iowa State University, Conlin co-founded the Iowa Women's Studies Association in 1975; became the first Chair of the Ames Community School District's Advisory Committee on Multicultural Non-Sexist Curriculums in 1978; authored, "How to Get Your Bearings—How to Get a Job: A Guide for Women who are Unemployed, Underemployed and/or Underpaid" in 1980; developed a multi­lingual international resource guide for the Iowa International Center, "Welcome to Iowa," in 2009 and a multi­lingual website in 64 languages in 2011. She performed extensive fundraising for Planned Parenthood and acted as the executive director for the Animal Rescue League, the Alzheimer's Association and the Iowa Department of Elder Affairs. Conlin's commitment to people from every walk of life and dedication to the Iowa community have made a profound difference in the lives of women. She was inducted into the Iowa Women’s Hall of Fame in 2012.