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Weatherization Members Only ~ Contracts with Contractors

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Contracts with Contractors – Templates

DCAA monitors the Weatherization Program at each Local Agency on an annual basis. Among the items reviewed are the contracts that the agencies enter into with the Weatherization, heating system, water heater, electrical, and specialty contractors. The Administrative Program Monitor reviews the contracts for all required language. The monitor may also recommend that certain language be added to clarify the contract.

Below, are contract templates that include all required and recommended language. Agencies may use these templates, revising them as needed. Use of these contracts does not guarantee that the contractors will be awarded jobs with the agency.

* NOTE: It is highly recommended that the Local Agency have its attorney review the contract language before entering an agreement with contractors. The contract templates have NOT been reviewed by an attorney and are simply guides.


Competitive Bid - Wx (Word) (uploaded 05/11/23)


Contract Template - Cookstove Contractors (Word) (uploaded 05/11/23)

Heating System/Water Heater

Competitive Bid - Furnace (Word) (uploaded 05/11/23)

Worker's Compensation Waiver

Worker's Compensation Waiver

Required Contract Statements

American National Standards Institute (ANSI)
Contract Work Hours and Safety Standards Act
Copeland Anti-Kickback Act Statement
Debarred or Suspended Contractors/Suppliers
Equal Employment Opportunity
Executive Order 11246
Federal Fair Labor Standards Act
Federal Regulations 10 CFR 440, Appendix A
National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Codes
Uniform Mechanical Code
W-9 Request for Taxpayer ID
Worker's Compensation Compliance