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Furnace Diagnostics and Combustion Health and Safety Training

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This three day course is a combination of classroom and in-field training. Participants will learn about furnace components, basic electric, venting, and gas pressure issues. Participants will learn the basics of furnace and ductwork sizing and how to use combustion appliance testing equipment. Participants will also learn about condensing furnaces, boilers, heat pumps, and air conditioners.

Participants will learn to set up a house in worst-case conditions, and perform required draft and carbon monoxide testing for furnaces and water heaters using a digital monometer, monoxer, and TI-89 calculator. There will be discussion of test results and possible solutions. Participants will also learn steady state efficiency testing using a combustion analyzer and will learn how to calculate the Depressurization Tightness Limit (DTL).

These sessions will also focus on worst case set-up and CO testing.

Location: Mid Iowa Community Action, 1001 S. 18th, Marshalltown. Agencies are responsible for making their own travel arrangements and room reservations.

For more information: To reserve a spot please e-mail Marcia Thompson. No telephone calls please. This training is approved for local agency personnel only.

See the training announcement for more information.

Furnace Diagnostics and Combustion Health and Safety Training
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