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Community Advocacy & Services

Throughout the month of June, the Iowa Department of Human Rights is highlighting the immigrant impact on both the history and future of the United States and Iowa.  As a state fueled by people who have come here from around the world, the Department hopes all Iowans can share in the story of immigration and the ways in which that can contribute to a richer life.  View immigration stories from Mexico, Ireland, Zimbabwe, Laos and Slovakia or share your own story by clicking here.

The Division of Community Advocacy and Services (CAS) streamlines access to services offered by the State of Iowa for specific underserved populations.  We are the vital connection between Iowa's diverse communities and the programs, events and information that can provide understanding and equity.

CAS partners with public and private agencies, institutions and groups to enable more people to participate fully and make living in Iowa a richer experience.  Review our 2016-2020 CAS Strategic Plan for more information about our areas of focus. See our CAS brochure.

The offices and programs of CAS empower our diverse communities to improve the lives of all Iowans.

Our future looks prosperous as we:

  • Provide information and referral
  • Offer youth programming
  • Advocate for system-wide changes
  • Influence policy makers
  • Provide specialized training & education
  • Assist community members to overcome barriers of language and special needs
  • Celebrate cultures