The Division of Criminal and Juvenile Justice provides research, analysis and program development to improve Iowa's justice system.

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Criminal & Juvenile Justice Planning

New Reports Released - December, 2017

Iowa Girls Justice Initiative - Final Report

The Iowa Task Force for Young Women (ITFYW) served as the initial core collaborative group for the Iowa Girls' Justice Initiative (IGJI).  The ITFYW expanded its existing membership to include a broader range of juvenile justice system officials and stakeholders.  The group then began to address the gap in services for this population of young women prompted, in part, by the closure of Iowa’s only state training school for girls in January 2014.  It is the function of the ITFYW, using staff support from CJJP, to facilitate planning using the expertise of its expanded membership in consultation with national experts and available technical assistance. 

The IGJI planning group spent more than a year studying girls who are involved in the juvenile justice system, particularly at its deepest levels.  The result is a report and recommendations intended to advance the effectiveness of the system and ensure that a sufficient level of care exists for the serious, violent and chronic female offender.  In essence, the planning group has emphasized the need for female and culturally responsive approaches that are trauma-informed and developmentally appropriate while addressing criminogenic risk/need factors and public safety.


The Division of Criminal and Juvenile Justice Planning (CJJP) is within the Department of Human Rights and was established through the provisions of Iowa Code Chapter 216A, Subchapter 9. CJJP is the Iowa Statistical Analysis Center (SAC), a member of the Justice Research and Statistics Association (JRSA), and carries out research, policy analysis, program development and data analysis activities to assist policy makers, justice system agencies and others to identify issues of concern and to improve the operation and effectiveness of Iowa's justice system. CJJP staff provide a justice system information clearinghouse service to system officials and the general public.

CJJP also administers federal and state grant programs to fund local and state projects to prevent juvenile crime, provide services to juvenile offenders and otherwise improve Iowa's juvenile justice system. Annually, this funding is made available through competitive and allocation grant application procedures.

CJJP carries out its duties under the oversight of the Iowa Criminal and Juvenile Justice Planning Advisory Council and the Iowa Juvenile Justice Advisory Council. Administrative Rules governing CJJP operations and grant programs can be found in Section 428 of the Iowa Administrative Code.