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State Agency Involvement


“All Iowa youth will be safe, healthy, successful, and prepared for adulthood.”

The following state agencies are actively involved in promoting positive youth development and are represented on the Iowa Collaboration for Youth Development Council.

State Level ICYD-Driven Initiatives

The Iowa Collaboration for Youth Development (ICYD) has aimed to align policy and practices across state agencies since its inception in 1999.  To date, we have leveraged multiple funding streams through our collaborative work.  The following initiatives are directly related to the work of ICYD.

Iowa's Promise (Communities of Promise) Initiative

The Iowa's Promise initiative is housed in the Iowa Commission on Volunteer Service and is dedicated to ensuring all youth receive the Five Promises set forth by America's Promise.  In 2004, Iowa was recognized as a State of Promise.  The ICYD provides the backbone of the Iowa's Promise initiative and views the Five Promises as an effective messaging and connective tool through the Iowa's Promise Station.

Learning Supports Initiative

Housed within the Department of Education, the Learning Supports initiative is an effort to address the barriers students face to learning.  Learning Supports works to ensure all students are supported and their non-academic needs are addressed.  The ICYD serves as the advisory body to this initiative and the Learning Supports initiative has adopted the ICYD Results Framework and respective indicators to guide their work at the state, AEA, and local level.  More information regarding Learning Supports can be found on this website under Learning Supports.

Iowa AmeriCorps 4-H Outreach

Administered through Iowa State University Extension, this project has worked to place AmeriCorps members in communities to assist in local positive youth development planning and to help align local policies and practices.

State of Iowa Youth Advisory Council (SIYAC)

The State of Iowa Youth Advisory Council is a group of high school-age youth with an interest in informing policy decisions.  SIYAC works directly with state agencies, legislators, and the Governor's staff.  ICYD provides support through allocation of staff time and leveraged funding/resources.

Iowa Afterschool Alliance (IAA)

The IAA is a statewide coalition of networks and interest groups who support, advocate, train, and work to advance after-school and out-of-school time experiences that are meaningful and beneficial for children, youth, families, and communities.  The IAA began as a project of the ICYD and has become its own entity.  ICYD is proud to remain a partner in its work.