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Justice Data Warehouse

What is the Justice Data Warehouse?

The Justice Data Warehouse (JDW) is a central repository of key criminal and juvenile justice information from the Judicial Branch Case Management System and information from the Iowa Correctional Offender Network (ICON) system. The JDW is located on a platform within the Office of the Chief Information Officer as one part of the Enterprise Data Warehouse. The JDW is managed by the Division of Criminal and Juvenile Justice Planning (CJJP), Iowa Department of Human Rights.

The overall mission of the JDW is to provide the judicial, legislative and executive branches of State Government, and other entities, with improved statistical and decision support information pertaining to justice system activities.

National Recognition

In October 2001, the Justice Research and Statistics Association (JRSA) awarded CJJP the Certificate of Recognition for Technical Innovation for the JDW Project as "an outstanding example of leadership in applying new technologies and analysis methods to the information needs of the justice community".