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Criminal Justice Information Systems Integration

Vision Statement

Work collaboratively with the Governor and his designees; the Iowa Supreme Court and staff; policymakers from federal, state, and local governments; and criminal justice agencies and associations, to develop and implement information technology solutions for the purpose of integrating the criminal justice systems from courts, law enforcement, corrections, and other governmental entities.

Mission Statement

While recognizing and preserving the separate mission; priorities; constitutional objectives; and governing laws, rules and regulations of the participating agencies responsible for criminal justice within the State of Iowa, we will:

  • Innovatively and collaboratively work to integrate, to the most reasonable extent possible, the functionality and interoperability of criminal justice information systems.
  • Develop a governance structure that provides for the ongoing planning and oversight of integrated criminal justice information systems in Iowa.
  • Focus on enhancing the efficiency, effectiveness, and accuracy of our criminal justice information.
  • Develop information technology architecture for an integrated criminal justice system in
  • Iowa that makes the most appropriate use of the operational systems of participating agencies

Board Members

Kim Reynolds, Governor of Iowa
Mark S. Cady, Chief Justice of the Iowa Supreme Court
Janet Phipps, Director, Iowa Department of Administrative Services
Todd Nuccio, State Court Administrator, Iowa Judicial Branch

Background and History


Current Projects in Development

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