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Iowa Department of Human Rights

Criminal Justice Information Systems (CJIS) Advisory Committee Members

Tammi Blackstone, Criminal Justice Information Systems Coordinator
Dave Schmitz, Criminal Justice Information Systems Administrator
Iowa Department of Human Rights, Criminal and Juvenile Justice Planning (CJJP)
Phone: (515) 725-2264

Appointed by/Designee


Chief Justice Appointee--Judicial Branch

8th Judicial District


Hon. Crystal Cronk

District Court Judge

Chief Justice Appointee--Judicial Branch

2nd Judicial District

Fort Dodge

Tina Ganzeveld

Webster County Clerk of Court

Chief Justice Appointee--Judicial Branch

6th Judicial District

Cedar Rapids

Kellee Cortez

District Court Administrator

Chief Justice Appointee--Judicial Branch

Iowa Judicial Branch

Des Moines

Barb Nelson

Program Supervisor

Chief Justice Appointee--Judicial Branch

4th Judicial District

Council Bluffs

Tim Ross

Chief Juvenile Court Officer

Governor--Executive Branch

Iowa Department of Corrections

Des Moines

Sarah Fineran

Research Director

Governor--Executive Branch

Iowa Department of Public Safety

Des Moines

Maxx Godsey

Chief Information Officer

Governor--Executive Branch

Iowa Department of Transportation


Josh Halterman, Acting Chair

TraCS Program Manager

Governor--Executive Branch

Office of the State Public Defender

Des Moines

Jacob Mason

Asst. State Public Defender

Governor--Executive Branch

Iowa Department of Justice

Des Moines

Jessica Reynolds

Assistant Attorney General

Designee--Iowa Association of Chiefs of Police & Peace Officers

Iowa Department of Transportation


Sgt. Glenn Goode

Motor Vehicle Division

Designee--Iowa County Attorney's Association

Dallas County Attorney's Office


Wayne Reisetter

Dallas County Attorney

Designee--Iowa League of Cities

City of Pleasant Hill

Pleasant Hill

Steve Johns

Deputy City Clerk & Finance Director

Designee--Iowa State Association of County Supervisors

Designee--Iowa State Sheriff's & Deputies Association

Story County Jail


John Asmussen

Jail Administrator

Senate - Democrat

Iowa Senate - District 16

Des Moines

Sen. Nate Boulton
Senate - Republican

Iowa Senate - District 8

Council Bluffs

Sen. Dan Dawson
House of Representatives - Democrat

Iowa House - District 98


Rep. Mary Lynn Wolfe
House of Representatives - Republican

Iowa House - District 28


Rep. Jon Thorup