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Purpose Statement

To help state and local officials and practitioners identify and address criminal and juvenile justice issues through research, data and policy analysis, planning and grant administration.

Justice Advisory Board


Juvenile Justice Advisory Council

The Justice Advisory Board is created by state law to coordinate the study of justice system issues, to develop plans and recommendations for system improvements and to assist state and local agencies and officials.


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The Juvenile Justice Advisory Council is appointed by the Governor pursuant to federal law to oversee Iowa's use of federal juvenile justice and delinquency prevention Formula Grant (Title II) funding and to develop plans for system improvements.

Justice System Research, Planning & Data Coordination

Juvenile Justice System Community Support

  • Long-range System Goals
  • Justice System Information Clearinghouse
  • Justice Data Warehouse
  • Development & Use
  • Criminal and Juvenile Justice Program Evaluations
  • Sentencing and Correctional Policy Research and Analysis
  • Adult Correctional Population Studies
  • Juvenile Justice Policy Research and Analysis
  • Substance Abuse and Drug Control
  • Policy Research
  • Special Issue Studies and Reports

Administration of Grant Programs:

  • Juvenile Justice Youth Development Allocation
  • Juvenile Justice & Delinquency Prevention Act Formula Grant
  • Juvenile Accountability Incentive Block Grant
  • Enforcing Under Age Drinking Laws

Training & Technical Assistance:

  • Comprehensive Community Planning
  • Coordination of State & Local Prevention & Youth Development Programs
  • Delinquency Case Planning
  • Juvenile Detention Policies and Practices
  • Minority Youth & the Juvenile Justice System
  • Gender-specific Delinquency Services

The Justice Advisory Board and the Division of Criminal and Juvenile Justice Planning are established through the provisions of the Code of Iowa, Chapter 216A. The Iowa Juvenile Justice Advisory Council is established pursuant to the Juvenile Justice & Delinquency Prevention Act of 1974 (as amended 12/2018).