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State of Iowa Youth Advisory Council

2019-2020 SIYAC Members

Past SIYAC Rosters

Applications are being accepted for the 2020-2021 School Year

The Iowa Department of Human Rights is seeking youth from diverse backgrounds to serve on its State of Iowa Youth Advisory Council.  The Department of Human Rights provides youth with opportunities to learn about government, leadership, advocacy, civic engagement, and to raise awareness on issues that affect Iowa's youth. 

The deadline has been extended to August 21, 2020.

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What is SIYAC?

SIYAC Council

The State of Iowa Youth Advisory Council (SIYAC) is a non-partisan policy advising organization comprised of young people from across Iowa between the ages of 14 and 20.  These youth leaders are selected to represent all Iowa youth and engage in topics important to young Iowans.  Concerns are drafted and shared  with policy makers during the legislative session.

SIYAC was originally established in 2001 by Governor Tom Vilsack as a way to inform legislators and  policymakers on issues important to youth.  In 2009, SIYAC was established in Iowa Code §216A.140(8) under the Department of Human Rights, Iowa Collaboration for Youth Development.

SIYAC has 21 members.  Quarterly meetings are held in Des Moines at the State Capitol Building; monthly meetings are held via conference calls.  New members are selected in June of each year and serve two-year terms.  There are no participation fees.      

Youth Voice

"When people are given an opportunity to participate in government, our democratic values are at their best"...Read more

"The voice of youth is often silent in politics, but SIYAC demonstrates that youth do have a voice and legislators listen."...Read more

Legislative Initiatives

Check back in December for SIYAC's 2020-2021 Legislative Initiatives, but

in the meantime click the link below to see what initiatives SIYAC has pursued in the past.

  Legislative Initiatives Agenda Archive

SIYAC Highlights

Stay tuned for the new highlights, and click the link below for highlights from previous SIYAC years!

SIYAC Highlights from Previous Years

SIYAC Service Projects

Past SIYAC Service Projects



Completing service projects in Iowa communities has become a core component of the State of Iowa Youth Advisory Council. To finish up the 2018-2019 SIYAC year, members of the Council helped Polk County Conservation Youth Corps to clean up Jester Park. Tasks included weeding the Elk and Bison area, and removing honey suckle an invasive species in the park.






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