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Crystal Davis

Crystal Davis
Holland, IA

Crystal (Starkel) Davis. She is married to Luke Davis. She lives in Holland, IA.  She is originally from Randolph, Nebraska.  Randolph is a small farming town an hour west of Sioux City, IA. Her parents, brother and sister all still live in Nebraska.  She is an enrolled member of the Ponca Tribe of Nebraska and Oglala Lakota on her mother’s side and German from Russia on her father’s side. 

She attended college at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and graduated in 2011 with an Environmental Studies degree.  During college, she was very active in University of Nebraska Inter-Tribal Exchange (UNITE). This was her first experience as a leader in tribal affairs.  The group served as a support system for Native students on campus and a point of contact for the University to increase cultural awareness. UNITE's greatest accomplishment is an annual honor powwow held in the spring for graduating seniors of high school and college.

After college, she worked in Lincoln, Nebraska, at the National Soil Survey Laboratory helping to make a spectral soil library.  Then she worked for VWR and did chemical inventory for a pharmaceutical manufacturing plant.  During this time, she remained active with her tribe and the Native community through Lincoln Indian Center and Lincoln Indian Club.  In 2013, she moved to Waterloo, Iowa, with her husband for his work and started working at an environmental laboratory in Cedar Falls. Then in 2015, she started working for the Sac and Fox Tribe of the Mississippi in Iowa within their Natural Resources Department.