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In addition to the Office, Iowa has a Commission of Native American Affairs (Iowa Code 216A.162).

Native American Affairs commission

The Commission includes eleven voting members appointed by the governor:

  • Seven are public members with at least one being a Native American who is an enrolled tribal member living on a tribal settlement or reservation in Iowa and whose tribal government is located in Iowa
    • Four members are selected by and represent tribal governments

    The Commission’s purpose is to work in concert with Native American individuals and groups in the state to advance the interests of Native Americans in the areas of human rights, including access to justice, economic equality, and the elimination of discrimination.


    We would like to thank our partners throughout Iowa who make it possible for us to do the work that we do. Whether you have provided meeting space, food, knowledge or expertise, through your collaboration and support we are impacting the daily lives of Native Americans by providing empowerment and opportunity. Thank you!

    • Four Directions - Sioux City, Iowa
    • City of Davenport/Credit Island - Davenport, Iowa
    • Kirkwood Community College - Cedar Rapids, Iowa
    • Meskwaki Nation - Tama, Iowa
    • Office of the State Archeologist - Iowa City, Iowa
    • Roberta Garrison


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