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Girl Connection Newsletter


February: Status of Females in the Juvenile Justice System
April: Early Onset of Puberty
June: Independence Day
August: Trauma Informed Care
October: Halloween Teachable Moment
December: Walking the Walk


February: Anxiety and Economic Uncertainty
April: Alice in Wonderland: Making the Most of Pop Culture
June: Cultural Competency
August: Women's Equality Day
October: Thankful Shmankful
December: Intergenerational Crime


February: Brain Development
April: Brain Development Part II
June: Teens, Sex and Technology
August: Relationship Bridge
October: 11 Components of Female-Responsive Practice
December: Gender Identity and Expression


February: Dark Side of Gender Equity
April: Self-Defense: Missing Pieces
June: Setting Boundaries in Sexual Relationships
August: Back to School
October: Be a Role Model
December: Transitions


February: What about the Boys Update
April: Review: Iowa Gender Specific Services Task Force
June: Body Image and the Obesity Epidemic
August: Girls' Summit
October: Executive Summary of the Girls' Summit
December: Strength Based Practice


February: Trauma Pathway to Delinquency
April: Accountability and the Gender Specific Approach
June: Addiction and Empowerment
August: Boy Crazy
October: Social Action
December: Girls and Their Families at the Holidays


February: Sexuality Education
April: Friendship
June: Eating Disorders
August: Women's History
October: FBI Data on Rape
December: Sexual Harassment in School


February: Whispers and Screams
April: Girls and Sport
June: Girls and Sport, Part II
August: Keep Your House in Order
October: Caregiver's List
December: Advocacy


February: Misdiagnosing Girls
April: Peace for Girls
June: Critical Thinking and Female Responsive Services
August: Incarcerated Mothers and Daughters
October: Borderline Personality Disorder
December: Relationship Formation


Summer: Love is Not Abuse
Winter: Is the Internet a Threat to Girls?


Spring: Facing Emotional, Physical, and Sexual Abuse in the Eyes of Girls
Winter: The Role of Men in Providing Gender-Specific Services


March-April: Responding to Girls' Anger
September: Overview and Response to Questions about Boys
Winter: Courageous Advocacy Awards


March-April: Countering Negative Messages
September-October: Courageous Advocacy Awards


July-August: A Short History/Herstory of Gender-Specific Services in the Juvenil
November-December: What Educators Can Do