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Meet the Commissioners

Peggy La - Sioux City
Commissioner. Term ends 4/30/24
Caleb Lillquist profile
Commissioner. Term ends April 30, 2026
Dr. Ritu Gurung
Commissioner. Term ends 4/30/24
Commission on Asian & Pacific Islander Affairs
Kenn Yu profile
Commissioner. Term ends 4/30/26

Commission Overview

Established in 2004, the seven-member Commission on Asian and Pacific Islander Affairs is comprised of Iowans appointed by the Governor and responsible for advising the Governor, Lieutenant Governor and State Legislature and Agencies on issues confronting Asian and Pacific Islanders in the state - including the unique problems of non-English speaking immigrants and refugees.  In this role, the Commission will serve as a policy-guiding body on administrative and legislative changes necessary to ensure API persons access to benefits and services provided to all people in the state.  Furthermore, the Commission serves and celebrates the various communities within Iowa’s Asian and Pacific Islander populations through advocacy and education.

Iowa Code directs the Commission with studying the opportunities for and changing needs of the Asian and Pacific Islander persons in this state and serving as liaison between the office and the public by sharing information and gathering constituency input.

As a voice in state government for the growing, microdiverse Asian American and Pacific Islander communities across Iowa, the Commission's scope and duties are clearly prescribed in Iowa Code under Chapter 216A, Subchapter 11.  More specifically, Iowa Code defines the Commission, as follows:

“The commission shall have the following powers and duties:

1. Study the opportunities for and changing needs of the Asian and Pacific Islander persons in this state.

2. Serve as liaison between the office and the public, sharing information and gathering constituency input.

3. Recommend to the board for adoption rules pursuant to chapter 17A as it deems necessary for the commission and office.

4. Recommend legislative and executive action to the governor and general assembly.

5. Establish advisory committees, work groups, or other coalitions as appropriate.”

If you are interested in serving on the commission, go to to submit your application.

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